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These proceedings contain keynote lecture, “Twenty First Century Skills, Technology and Open Learning: Re Designing Teaching for the Digital Age” (Tony Bates) [abstract only] and workshop, “Making Sustainable Online Learning a Reality Informed by the Community of Inquiry Framework” (Susi Peacock and Lindesay Irvine). Full papers in these proceedings include: (1) Determining Factors of Students’ Perceived Usefulness of e Learning in Higher Education (Aleksander Aristovnik, Damijana Keric, Nina Tomaevic and Lan Umek); (2) EvalCOMIX: A Web Based Programme to Support Collaboration in Assessment (Mara Soledad Ibarra Siz and Gregorio Rodrguez Gmez); (3) A Holistic Approach to Scoring in Complex Mobile Learning Scenarios (Marcel Gebbe, Matthias Teine and Marc Beutner); (4) Content Development for 72,000 Learners: An Online Learning Environment for General Practitioners. A Case Study (Dirk Pilat); (5) First Stages of Adult Students’ Relationship to Scientific Knowing and Research in the Open University’s Web Based Methodology Course (Leena Isosomppi and Minna Maunula); (6) A Quantitative Analysis of the Role of Social Networks in Educational Contexts (Azam Shokri and Georgios Dafoulas); (7) Care Management: On Line Based Approaches to Nurse Education in Ultrasound Imaging (Elena Taina Avramescu, Mitrache Marius and Adrian Camen); (8) Can e Learning Change Work Practices? (Signe Schack Noesgaard); (9) A Practice of Mobile Learning Bases on Cloud Computing (Heng Wu and Zhong Dong); (10) Guidelines for Conducting a Post Module within a Blended Synchonous Learning Environment, Facilitator and Student Perspectives (Christopher Upfold); (11) IT Tools in Initial Teacher Training (Dorin Herlo); (12) Application of a Reference Framework for Integration of Web Resources in DOLTRN Case Study of Physics Topic: Waves (Fabinton Sotelo Gomez and Armando Ordez); (13) Creating Micro Videos to Demonstrate Technology Learning (Mark Frydenberg and Diana Andone); (14) An Analysis of Students Enrolled to an Undergraduate University Course Offered Also Online (Nello Scarabottolo); (15) How Do We Know What is Happening Online: A Triangulated Approach to Data Analysis (Marina Charalampidi and Michael Hammond); (16) Analysis of 3D Modeling Software Usage Patterns for K 12 Students (Yi Chieh Wu, Wen Hung Liao, Ming Te Chi and Tsai Yen Li); and (17) A Distributed Intelligent e Learning System (Terje Kristensen).

Africa is not a monolith with one person in charge, Stephen Ozoigo, CEO of African Technology Foundation, likes to remind audiences. “It’s 55 countries with 55 policies, over 3,000 languages. There’s a case to be made for some investments to even happen at a city level and not even at a country level,” he said..

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